5 Last Minute Marathon Tips

We are now well into Marathon season. With that in mind, here are a few last minute tips to consider ahead of your big race.

1. Consider your running outfit.


Fitness fashion is on trend. Long gone are the days of plain white trainers! Maybe you have purchased yourself some snazzy new gear to wear on the day of your marathon. If so, it is important to wear it several times pre-event. Those new shorts could chafe or those bright pink trainers could leave you with blisters. Banish discomfort by ensuring every item you wear is familiar.

2. Compile a playlist.


On the night before the run, make a playlist of all your favourite songs. These should be songs that make you feel inspired, motivated and happy. Make sure it’s long enough to last the whole race!

3. Arrive early.


Arrive at the starting line well before the actual beginning of the race. This will reduce the stress involved with being late. It will also ensure you have the most positive start to the race possible.

4. Know where your supporters will be.


Ask your friends and family where they will watch the race. If you know where they will be, you can focus on running towards them. Seeing a friendly face and shout of encouragement can help you to keep going.

5. Enjoy it!


The race will be over before you know it. Make sure you enjoy your day and look after yourself afterwards. Eat a healthy meal, keep hydrated and of course, take an ice bath! Your muscles will be tender in the days following the race. Taking an ice bath will reduce pain and inflammation. The stairs may not be such a chore after all!



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