The CET Story

The first ever CryoSpa was sold in the small town of Ratoath, Ireland in 2007. Ratoath Sports Injury Clinic was one of the first to implement the pay-per-use model and use the CryoSpa to boost the income of their business.

That’s the thing about CryoSpas.
They’re goldmines.

It is common practise to charge as little as £8.00 per ten minute CryoSpa session. Over 60 businesses across Ireland are currently doing this, increasing their revenue for minimal additional labour.

See for yourself:

Maggie Castro

If you would like to:

  • generate significant additional income
  • differentiate your facility from competitors
  • attract more sports-minded clients
  • benefit from a high return on investment and rapid payback period
  • attract more non-injured clients for post-exercise recovery

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