Inflatable ice baths?


The British Lions are currently on tour in New Zealand in the first tour of the country since 2005.

George North and Alun Wyn Jones are using an inflatable ice bath here – basically it is a blow up pool filled with ice. Sometimes, these inflatable pools have connections to enable an electronic chiller to cool the water and other times, it’s simply filled with ice which is not only time consuming, but also, quite expensive.

The CET CryoSpa doesn’t rely on ice to get the temperature down to where it needs to be for recovery. We guarantee that our state of the art chillers reach 1C which is lower than our competitors.

Targetted massage jets inside the CET CryoSpa enable you to target certain parts of your body that need particular attention i.e. ankles, calves, glutes.

Why sit in a blow up pool when you can feel the ultimate ice bath experience with the CET CryoSpa?

It’s used by Manchester United, Wimbledon, AC Milan and Manchester City for a reason!




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